Formed in 2001 in Atlanta and led by charismatic frontman Bradford Cox, Deerhunter emerged in the mid-2000s as a band uniquely capable of experimental forays and chiming, wistful pop. By turns confrontational and delicate -- and sometimes both at once -- the band's early output ranged from 2004's densely layered self-titled album to the heady excursions of 2007's ‘Cryptograms’. Deerhunter's breakthrough came with the following year's Microcastle, an album of lush, transporting guitar pop that earned them critical acclaim as well as their debut on the charts. Despite this success, the band continued to challenge themselves and their audience with albums including 2013's raw ‘Monomania’, 2015’s ‘Fading Frontier’ and 2019's fragile yet incisive ‘Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?’ which featured collaborations with Cate LeBon and Halcyon Digest producer Ben Allen. The band are currently signed to 4AD.


'Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?'
2019 (4AD)

'Fading Frontier'
2015 (4AD)

2013 (4AD)

'Halcyon Digest'
2010 (4AD)

'Weird Era Cont.'
2008 (Kranky)

2008 (Kranky)

2007 (Kranky)